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About Us

Founded in April of 2017 in Lecanto, FL, by Amber and Tony Elrod, R.O.W. Maintenance was established as a Woman-owned and operated business with the original purpose of supporting the Electrical Power Industry.  Amber, an ex-linewoman who understood the support needs of electrical construction crews, began by providing maintenance of traffic crews, carting off spoils, and general restoration activities including grading, sodding, wrecking out concrete, framing up new sidewalk and pouring/finishing concrete sidewalk. 

When it comes to professional utility, commercial, and industrial right of way maintenance, R.O.W. Maintenance is the go-to solution for any obstacle. Our expertise covers all areas of maintenance of traffic, SWPPP (BMP's), restoration, access roads, access matting, cleanup, land clearing, demolition, project management and much more.



Our Team

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